Designed to reflect the individuality of the coins they encase, our pendants are handmade in the USA by select artisans who display industry-leading care in their craftsmanship. In time-honored tradition dating back to ancient blacksmiths, precious metals are melted down, delicately poured into crafted molds, and individually hammered, ensuring no two pendants are alike. Prongs are carefully put into place to hold each coin without harming it, and welded to the pendant mount to create an elegant yet durable frame. 

Next, every indent, ridge, and accent is hand-tapped into the pendants in a painstaking process that requires years of skill to accomplish. Our artisans polish, hammer, and repeat, striking a careful balance between contemporary elegance and raw antiquity. Finally, shadows and accents are woven in until the character of the each coin and pendant fuse together in a seamless marriage of ancient history and modernity.