"A Denarii a day is a soldier's pay". Rome's standardized coinage was the most widely adopted in ancient history, with modern currencies such as the Arabic dinar still bearing their name. Despite this standardization, however, each coin is absolutely unique in its shape and composition. Emperors varied coin supply and composition during times of war and expenses, affecting coin size, weight, shape, and texture. Factor in variability between mints and this means no two coins are the same.

This variability yields a procurement process that requires significant expertise, skill, and patience. In preparation for launch, over two years were spent acquiring the highest quality coins. Strong partnerships with select certified collectors underpin quality and consistency. Even still, our ability to obtain such coins going forward is not guaranteed and subject to a constantly evolving collectors market. With that in mind, we hope you take this unique opportunity to join collectors around the world who view their collection as both investment and personal piece of history.