“What are you doing with yours?” I looked at my cousin in the eyes for the first time since our grandfather had passed away.

We both had extensive coin collections that anchored us to our grandfather, a WWII vet, rock in our lives, and gentleman scholar. His recent passing had hit us hard, and we were struggling to sift through the wreckage. “I feel like we should keep these closer to us, not in some box somewhere gathering dust.” The thought sat in a lingering silence, gathering momentum and possibility. “What if…” we began… What if, indeed. 

Alexander Drake is the result of an emotional rollercoaster during which we realized we weren’t alone in our connection to these ancient artifacts. They carry energy that tether us not only to our grandfather and his deep appreciation of history, but also to the icons and eras themselves. Diving into the pieces taught us as much about our collective past as our singular selves. Each Roman emperor exemplified a part of our character that crystallized under the weight of their legacy. When held to the light of their accomplishments, our journey to become men of integrity becomes clearer. 

We knew we had to share this experience, but the rarity of these coins seemed prohibitive. After a brief stint considering replicas, we abandoned the idea in favor of real history, scarcity be damned. Thus began a year working with chemists to protect our coins from wear and damage. Finally, we can share our pieces with anyone on a similar path. We don’t have many, but we have enough to make an impact. And that’s something our grandfather would be proud of.

“To ignore what occurred before you were born is to remain forever a child. For what is the worth of human life unless it is woven into the lives of our ancestors by the records of history?” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Forged at the intersection of art, history, and personal loss, our brand draws inspiration from two titans of ambition and explorational curiosity: Alexander the Great, an incredible king, commander, and unifier of cultures who tamed vast empires to the East – and Sir Francis Drake, a famous captain, privateer, and explorer who circumnavigated the globe in a single expedition and seized vast treasures to the West.

Together, these two icons captured not just the riches of the East and West, but the curiosity of their people. As kids sitting at the knees of our grandfather, they also captured our imagination. At Alexander Drake, we are reviving the spirit of exploration and curiosity that led these two men to change the course of human history forever.